Week 4: Cloud-enabled CEM Architecture


Based on your reading of Chapters 10, 11, & 12 of the text including the “Unit Three Opening Case” entitled Second Life: Succeeding in Virtual Times, using Cloud-based CRM, SCM, and ERP systems, explain how to implement a virtual enterprise CEM strategy. Be sure to incorporate your personal experience and any learning regarding the Customer Experience Management lifecycle.

My Response:

A successful product or service needs customers. This single fact illustrates how important it is for a company to acquire, retain and grow their customer base. With the advancement of mobile technology and the web, a cheaper, faster and better product or service is just a click away; leaving companies with little room for error. As a result, companies are constantly looking for better methods of communicate their value proposition at every customer touchpoint. Through the implementation of a cloud-based enterprise information management systems (EIMS), companies can better manage the customer experience throughout the value chain.  A EIMS usually contains three core enterprise applications: CRM, SCM and ERP.

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 7.34.57 PM.png

Having these core applications working in unison over the cloud gives companies an additional level of transparency into their business processes and overarching customer value delivery system. The CRM application could be leveraged to understand customer behavior and to create a direct line of communication between company and customer. All of which has the potential of increasing the ROI of future marketing campaigns, especially as it pertains to customer acquisition and loyalty. The ERP application would help companies understand and forecast product demand; less out-of-stock product means increased sales and happier customers.  Finally, the SCM application can be leveraged to improve the delivery time and dependability of product or service to physical stores or directly to the customer.

Baltzan, P. (2015). Business Driven Technology (6th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.


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